As Elizabeth works at the market, she is usually wearing a headscarf, a bright colored American T-Shirt, and an ear-to-ear smile. Elizabeth Mujehe was the second child born in her family of eight in 1970. Elizabeth’s father died of Malaria when she was just 18 years old, which left eight children under the age of 21 with her single mother. Elizabeth was married at age 19 in the Butalejea district, which is about 75 miles outside of Mbale. At age 29, Elizabeth moved to Namatala with her husband and five children seeking to start her own business selling vegetables at the market. Shortly after their move to Namatala, Elizabeth’s husband abandoned her pregnant, with her five children. Elizabeth was left with nothing, and started a vegetable stand to support her family. . Elizabeth now spends her days working at her vegetable stand selling avocados, tomatoes, eggplant, beans, cabbage, and posho (corn flour used for cooking).
With a mother of 73, eight siblings, and six children, Elizabeth is very proud that they are all still living. It is almost unheard of to have all of your siblings and children live passed that age of five. Today, Elizabeth has four children at home, two moved out, a business that has found great success since working with 1,000 Shillings, and the help of 1,000 Shillings, Elizabeth says, “My life is better than it ever was before and for that I am grateful to God.”
Elizabeth enjoys the work she does for 1000 Shillings, not only that it helps her financially but she is grateful for the friendship she has developed. Her necklace is very time consuming and she often takes her work home or to work in the market. At the beginning of her work for 1000 Shillings involvement, her goal was to have the financial means to afford a scale for her market so that she could also sell rice. After a year and a half of hard work and a hard savings plan, Elizabeth was recently able to buy her new scale to add to her business. She said, “I am grateful for my scale God provided me, prayers do come true.”


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